The creator behind Baby Doge Millionaires is a long-time Baby Doge enthusiast (known as “Kep”) wanted to create a sustainable system to support and maintain the Baby Doge ecosystem.

By advertising on the front page of our site (buying pixels) you actively contribute to the well-being of the Baby Doge ecosystem.

Goals For The Baby Doge Million Dollar Page
Not in any particular order.

1. Make enough in Pixel sales to pay for domain and hosting for 10 years
(Keeping the page up for at least 10 years to start)

2. Grab attention from large Advertisers
(This will require help from Baby Doge holders sharing the site)

3. Getting Advertisers on board by purchasing pixels
(This can help kick start this project and help bring more attention to it)

4. Grab the attention and acceptance from Baby Doge
(Getting Baby Doge to share this project to the Baby Doge followers)

(8/2/2023 – Sent information to Baby Doge Developers, in discussions)

5. Integrate Baby Doge payment system that connects to wallet
(This will help the Baby Doge ecosystem with the 10% buy fees)

(8/3/2023 – Working with Baby Doge to see if this can be implemented)
(8/10/2023 – Connects to wallet, only accepts Baby Doge as payment)

6. Burn 20% of the Baby Doge received from purchases
(Baby Doge coins that will be burned and gone forever)

7. Donate 10% of the profits to a dog rescue program
(Doing this on behalf of Baby Doge & Baby Doge holders)

8. Selling the remaining Baby Doge purchased at the right time
(This will also help the Baby Doge ecosystem with the 10% sell fees)

9. Updating this page as goals are met
(Keeping everyone updated on the progress being made)

Join us on this exciting journey of fun, love, and crypto enthusiasm as we embark on making the world a better place for Advertisers, animals and Baby Doge investors, one Baby Doge at a time.

Thank you for being a part of the Baby Doge Millionaires community!